Building on the excellence of its faculty members Audencia Business School provides high level training courses by and for management research.

Beyond the courses on research methodologies and thematic seminars on the future of management, our doctoral training program offers coaching of excellence  by faculty members recognized in their fields and always available to share their expertise.

Through its involvement in doctoral management training, Audencia Nantes contributes to the emergence of high-level academics and professionals who place innovation and responsibility issues at the heart of their activities to have a positive impact on businesses and society.

André Sobczak, Dean of Faculty

Audencia Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

The Audencia Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is a 3-year part-time professional doctorate designed to develop business professionals who are skilled in researching practical business problems. Audencia’s DBA is designed for senior managers who envisage creating and implementing innovative and responsible business models, strategies and management practices by working with leading international academics in a challenging and supportive research community. Through courses, workshops and supervision by experts in their field, the Audencia DBA creates the reflective and critical competencies required by participants to develop innovative and responsible change in their organizations. 

The DBA courses draw on the academic expertise of Audencia and its partners, building on Audencia’s reputation in responsible management and sustainability. The programme enables participants to focus on acquiring an understanding of theory, analysis and reflections on practice. The DBA thesis requires participants to investigate an organizational issue and to develop a research study which contributes to knowledge and practice in the business and management field.
The Audencia DBA is designed to fit into the schedule of full-time professionals. The courses are organized in blocked seminars so that participants can continue their employment while pursuing the DBA degree.