Programme structure

Key Information

  • Training duration: approximately 12 blocked weekends of face-to-face training over the duration of the programme (most courses are delivered in 2-3 days in the first 18 months)

  • Eligibility criteria: MBA or Master degree + 5 years professional experience including managerial responsibilities. Minimum 25 years of age. Exceptionally candidates with 3-4 years experience may be considered.

  • Selection: academic record and interview (application fee: € 240 including VAT)

  • Next start date September 2019-January 2020

The DBA Programme experience

DBA participants attend courses and seminars during the first part of their DBA studies (12-18 months).

Participants are required to prepare for each course by reading and reviewing research articles recommended by the professors of each course to enable in-depth, critical discussions during class sessions. DBA participants become part of the Audencia research community and are encouraged to attend online research seminars by Audencia faculty, to be part of the research life of the school and to network with other management researchers at conferences and research workshops.

During the second part of the programme participants focus on conducting their research and writing their DBA thesis (18-24 months).

The DBA thesis requires participants to investigate an organizational issue and to develop a research study which contributes to research and practice in the business and management field by generating new knowledge. DBA participants develop a thesis that investigates an important business problem that is of strategic importance to their own organization, industry or market.

The award of the DBA is based on the output of a thesis (50,000 words maximum) that fulfils the requirements of the Audencia DBA and the successful defence of the thesis to the DBA Research Committee in a ‘viva voce’. Courses on research methodology and business and management research themes prepare participants to develop an initial research proposal during the first year of the programme which will be approved by the DBA Research Committee before progressing to the thesis development stage.

Participants frame the topic of their research under the guidance and advice of their supervisors. Supervisors are mentors and primary sources of direction and support for the research. The participant can expect to meet the supervisor on a regular basis (face-to-face, by telephone or Skype), and to receive feedback on their research, their progress, and their written outputs.


Doctoral development courses

Module 1 Research in Management

  • Research methods for management
  • Globalization and management research
  • Business and research ethics
  • Research proposal development workshop

Module 2 Responsible Business Strategy

  • Responsible business strategies
  • Responsible investment
  • Responsible risk management

Module 3 Leadership, Innovation and Change

  • Leading change with managerial innovations
  • Responsible leadership
  • Sustainable purchasing & supply chain innovation

Research Proposal submission

Submission and assessment of individual research proposals (end of year 1)

Appointment of supervisors

Thesis Development

Thesis development under supervision

Thesis completion seminar

  • Submission of thesis
  • Appointment of examiners
  • Examination of thesis/ 'Viva Voce'